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31st December 2021
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Every Wedding Photographer needs a Chatbot !

When a couple visits your website, a Chatbot will engage with them, and give you the chance to showcase your work.

During the 'friendly' chat, your Chatbot will collect their Name, Wedding date, Wedding venue, number of guests, and their Email address and Phone number !
(and anything else you want to ask them)

Just imagine getting this information from every visitor to YOUR website !... Well, you can !... by adding a super friendly 'Wedding Chatbot'.

A 'Wedding Chatbot' will give your website a new dimension and deliver you valuable 'leads' on people looking for your services.

Benefits of a Chatbot

Website Chat
Available 24/7

Chatbots are available on your site 24/7 and can deal with multiple chats simultaneously.

Engage Your
Website Visitors

Chatbots can 'engage' with website visitors, and keep them on your site longer.

Give Your Website
A Personality

Chatbots can give your website another dimension, and show a friendly side to your website.

Save Time Answering the Same Questions

Chatbots can answer FAQ's in seconds, saving you time on phone or answering emails.

Collect Valuable
User Chat Info

Chatbots collect valuable data during the chat and email you the chat transcript after the chat ends.

Your Website

Chatbots help encourage your website visitors to stay longer, and you can overcome the 15 sec rule.

See a Chatbot in Action!

Celtic Studios is a 'Mock-up' of a Professional Photography website that has a working Chatbot designed for a Professional Wedding Photographer.

Interact with the chatbot from the perspective of a potential wedding client to see the full benefits of adding one to YOUR wedding photography website.

You have questions? We have answers...

We have designed the perfect Chatbot for the 'Wedding Photography Market' - It can be scripted by you to reflect your business and personality, and we are currently running a LIMITED TIME promotion until 31st December 2021 that will save you 60% off the normal annual Chatbot subscription price.  As we also value customer loyalty, we will 'lock' these prices for as long as you remain a customer.
Click the 'Full Pricing Details' button in the menu above to get full details of the offer.

Nope ! - We do all the hard work for you !... We design, script and test the Chatbot, then email you a link so you can see it working. When you are happy with how your Chatbot looks and feels, we supply you with a few lines of <code> which either you, or your webmaster can add to the relevant section of your webpage in a few minutes. This code allows your Chatbot to function, but does not change your website in any way. The Chatbot simply runs as an 'overlay' to your website. - Full instructions will be supplied in the setup email to enable you to add the <code> to your webpage.

Yes ! - The longer a website visitor spends on your website without leaving is a positive marker for SEO. If your chatbot engages with visitors and keeps them on your site longer, this can have a positive effect on your sites SEO, and also safeguard your website from the dreaded '15 second rule'.

After you make payment for your order, you will be forwarded to a 'Chabot Design' form that will collect all your basic business information. We will then finalise the design, get final approval from you, and send you everything you need to get the Chatbot up and running on your website within a few days.

Chatbot Pricing

We are currently offering a 60% Discount on ALL new annual Chatbot subscriptions, and as we value customer loyalty, we will 'lock' these prices for as long as you remain a customer.

Simply click below to find out full details on the offer, but hurry as it ends on 31st December 2021 !

A 'Wedding Chatbot' will give your website a new dimension, and deliver you 'leads' on people looking for your services.

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